In the event of a natural disaster, blowout or a leak, we can send in our drone with real-time, live video feed broadcast back to our mobile office vehicle and any emergency situation room with an assessment. UAV oil and gas emergency management is immediate, eliminating the need to wait until it’s safe to send in personnel and RAVAN AIR’s daylight operations certificate of waiver allows us to fly at any hour, day or night. Our radiometric camera is sensitive enough to pick up a one degree temperature difference, even in the dark, and employees are FLIR certified to detect these minute variations.

Nighttime Waiver Sneak Peak

RAVAN AIR’s’ emergency response assessment services include:

  • Live Video Feed
  • Aerial Damage Surveys
  • Water, Oil & Gas Leak Detection
  • Hill Slip
  • Dam Inspection
  • Difficult to Access Areas
  • Master Service Agreements (MSA) Available for All Services​
  • FAA Certificate of Waiver 107.29 for Night Time Operation of sUAS
  • ITC Certified Level 1 sUAS Thermographer
  • ITC Certified Optical Gas Imaging Thermographer
  • Petroluem Education Council (PEC) Certified